No matter what security or criminal issue facing your business or residence, Ultra World Security will be able to provide you with an effective solution from our range of services. Alternatively, in consultation with you we can tailor make a solutions to meet your unique personal circumstances.

Professional Security guards

A security guards is a uniformed professional, fully trained and knowledgeable of all post orders, operation logs, procedures, practices and site layout. The security guard protects property against thievery, arson, property damage, and terrorism. This officer is also trained in customer service. He or she is on site to provide a concierge service as well as deter, detect and report any incidents which may occur.

Selection Requirements

  • High school certificate
  • Must be 26 years or older
  • Ability to speak, read, writes and understand the English & Kiswahili language
  • Writing basic incident reports
  • Testify in court
  • Interview witnesses or victims
  • Prepare case reports
  • Contact police, fire, or emergency medical services via radio and/or telephone
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Possess a neat, clean, and presentable appearance
  • • Must have a valid certificate of good conduct from the criminal investigation department (CID), Not more than 3 months old

After selecting suitable recruits they undergo intensive four week training program before deployment.

The training will cover a wide scope of topics related to security to include:

Security function:

  • General Crime
  • Parking/Traffic Control
  • Reaction to emergency
  • Patrolling
  • Observation
  • Crowd control

Company Operations:

  • Chain of command
  • Code of conduct
  • Organization and roles
  • Guards' equipment
  • Communication:

    • Radio communication
    • Statement writing
    • Report writing
    • Customer care and public relation

    Securityand Law:

    • Power of arrest
    • Suspect detention
    • Search and search techniques

    Safety Precaution:

    • First Aid
    • Fire fighting
    • Self defense

    Physical Fitness:

    • Foot drill
    • Saluting
    • Marching

    There are continuous on job training and refresher course just to ensure that our guards are well equipped to handle the ever changing security issues


    The security guard will be kitted and issued with the following is items:

    • Pair of Boots
    • Pull-over and a rain coat
    • Lanyard and Whistle
    • Baton
    • A cap
    • Appropriate badge of rank
    • Bows and arrows (if required)
    • A torch and dry cell (twice every month)
    • Black shoe polish and a bar or soap
    • Two pairs of uniform


    Supervision is done at least three times per every shift. There are also a number of impromptu checks by senior operation managers. This is to make sure that the movements of supervisor are also checked and incidents put under control. Apart from this, there is also a watchman's clock installed at the clients' request where guards are required to clock in at intervals. This system is connected to base control unit and every signal is receive whenever the guard's clock in. Supervisors duties are;

    • Visiting all assignments regularly.
    • Check and ensure that the guards are well groomed.
    • Carry out patrol with guards
    • Read reports carried out by the guards, make recommendations and take action.
    • Raise control room to report about all developments.
    • Hold optimum parade regularly.


    In order to realize our goal of securing our customers properties, we undertake the following;

    • Carry out routine random and target checks of the customer and any other potential security breaches. This modus operandi will eradicate laxity from our surveillance crews and will act as a pre-emptive security measure.
    • We advise and update our customers on the relevant latest and state of the art security technology they employ on their own private capacity as internal security measures.
    • We employ as an extraneous security measures the execution of private investigation of any fraudulent activity, loss or damage to customer's premises especially in cases of complicity of staff in criminal activities.
    • • Provide consultancy services to our customers. This means taking security feasibility studies or profiling and security risk analysis in those areas was may be requested by our customers.